Saturday, August 1, 2015

"I'm special and I don't have to obey the law"

Eight "protestors" were arrested in Downtown Cincinnati last night. Yes, you can peacefully protest but when you try to use the cover of the protest to break the law, you may get arrested. And if you mess with the police trying to arrest someone, you will definitely get arrested. You will get no sympathy from me.

What I'm seeing today is a segment of the population, African American and White American but not Hispanic (as far as I can recall), who think they're special and that laws don't apply to them. Throw their fast-food bag out the car window? Sure, why should they care? Run a stop sign? No accident, no foul! Drive around with a broken tail pipe dragging on the ground? Man, where's the problem in that? None until it breaks off and ends up in someone else's radiator!

And then they get all indignant when a cop pulls them over. They're like, go get that drug dealer instead of me 'cause I'm special. Well, where I live here in Norwood, Ohio, the cops go for the drug dealers, too. As long as some people believe they can ignore the laws of society, we're going to have problems.

Background: Earlier this week, University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing was indicted by a grand jury for murder following a traffic stop where he shot an unarmed driver and killed him. This protest, which started peacefully but appeared to be turning violent when the arrests occurred, was in response to the shooting. The family of the victim expressed their displeasure that the event was turning violent and disassociated themselves with the march after the vigil.