Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Marching for Social Security and Medicare: A parable for today

A parable for today:

They marched for women's rights, but I didn't march, because I'm not a woman.

They marched for high-quality public education, but I didn't march, because my child is an adult.

They marched for Black Lives Matter, but I didn't march, because I'm not Black.

They marched for equal rights for those who are LGBTQ, but I didn't march because I'm straight.

But then they wanted to privatize my Social Security and Medicare, so I organized a march. And I thought, nobody's going to show up for my march because I didn't show up for their marches. But there they were, women and men, teenagers and adults, Blacks, Whites and even LGBTQ folks. I was pleasantly surprised. I asked one of the young marchers, "Why are you here? You're not going to get Social Security for many years." She replied, "You don't understand. We don't march just to help our situation, we march for everyone!"

(This was originally posted on my Facebook page January 24, 2017. Yes, I wrote it.)