Sunday, November 9, 2014

On Facebook? Buy an ad and quit beating up your supporters!

Years ago, I was Facebook friends with WVXU public radio and, of course, received their Facebook posts. Then they started a begathon and started bombarding me with solicitations on Facebook. This despite my wife and I being sustaining members, meaning that we automatically donate to WXVU on a regular basis. The solicitations became so annoying that I stopped following them although I'm still friends with them.

Yesterday, I unfollowed three more Facebook friends who have been recently bombarding me with fundraising solicitations. It wasn't just one event or fundraiser; it was a whole group of things. I'll miss their regular posts.

If you are involved with an organization on Facebook, don't use it to beat up your supporters with endless solicitations. Buy a Facebook ad instead. For $50, you can reach out to tens of thousands of people, many of whom may not even know you exist. You'll get better results without losing good will with your dedicated supporters.