Friday, December 2, 2016

Milestone yesterday: 100,000 page views

Yesterday, I celebrated 100,000 page views for this blog (according to Google). It was launched a bit over four years ago, October 12, 2012. Google is supposed to be filtering bots and scrapers so these should be real people viewing my posts.

My goals for next year is to add appropriate advertising and to begin archiving posts that are no longer relevant. By appropriate advertising, I want to avoid ads that say, "New Rule In Cincinnati Leaves Residents Furious." There is no such new rule. Clicking on the ad produces this heading and subheading: "Why Did No One Tell Drivers with No Tickets in 3 Years About This?" and "Recent studies indicate that drivers are paying too much for car insurance." If you don't know already that you can shop around for car insurance, you must be living in a cave. Of course, the company running the ad does not actually sell car insurance. They refer people to real car insurance companies, collecting fees in the process. I would prefer not having ads like this on my blog. We shall see.

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