Friday, October 12, 2012

Launching my blog

Tonight, I'm launching my blog. I'm not expecting people to read this blog daily. Rather, I hope people find a page here or there through a search that provides them with helpful information.

Topics which I intend to cover are news items of the day, politics, stock information and IBM i articles. I plan to post at least once per day every day of the year.

Well-thought-out comments by intelligent people are encouraged. Other comments will be deleted.

I reserve the right to update postings. I will do this by writing a new post then updating the original post to refer to the new one. This will provide a historical record but allow me to update my posts.

I actually have been blogging for a while, if you consider Facebook as a blogging site. By blogging here instead, I'm going to make life better for my FB friends.

Want me to write on a topic? My email address is shown so drop me a line.

At this point, there is no monetization involved. This means that I will not receive any payment for any posts that I make. Since I'm not protected as a journalist, I will ask all sources to give specific permission to use their information.

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