Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Comments on "Outlet Invasion: Upscale Stores Head Downmarket"

Marketplace from American Public Media broadcast a story tonight that had me grinding my teeth. Here's what I posted as a comment:
Let's take this one error at a time. "Outlet locations offer up a lot to Saks, Nordstrom ..." according to Nancy Koehn. I challenge you to find me one Nordstrom Rack in an outlet mall.

Ms. Koehn says, "most of these outlets are located at least 60 miles from a Nordstrom..." No, they're not. Many Nordstrom stores have a Nordstrom Rack located about five miles away.

"having a place to move slower-selling merchandise ..." is not the Nordstrom way. They will move merchandise to a Rack even if it is selling well.

This article would have been a lot better if you had just left Nordstrom out of it.
How do I know this? A couple of years ago, Nordstrom built a store here in Cincinnati along with a Nordstrom Rack. The Nordstrom way was explained in the local business press; I don't think it's a secret except maybe in Massachusetts.

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