Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Switching from Local 12 to 9 On Your Side

Local 12 updated their web site today and it's too heavy on videos, especially videos that start playing automatically. News flash: I get most of my news from text, not video. I never play videos at work.

To make things worse, Local 12's new site features a box from NewsMax Headlines (sorry, not dignifying that source with a link). NewsMax should be banned from using "News" in their name; their headlines today show you their lack of journalistic skills: "FAA: Aircraft Near-Misses Up 600%" (that should be "near-hits" instead of "near-misses") and "Should Obama Use Zimmerman Verdict to Ban Guns?" If you click on the story link "Weird Trick Adds $1,000 to Your Social Security Check" (no, it doesn't), you don't get a news story at all but an advertisement (be sure to read the FULL DISCLAIMER).

I'm already visiting Fox 19's web site every day and I will replace Local 12 with 9 On Your Side and see how that goes.

A note to my friends: Fox 19 is much better than the national Fox News. And Fox Sports Ohio is my favorite sports broadcaster.

Update July 20: 9 On Your Side won't let me make comments unless I give them access to all of my Facebook friends. I prize the privacy of my Facebook friends so this is a show stopper. I am also checking out the fourth television station in town, WLWT.com, but I haven't tried posting a comment yet.

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