Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm tired of "sex with pit bull"

Fox 19's web site, like many news sites, has suggested articles at the bottom of their news pages. However, someone at Fox 19 is apparently obsessed with having sex with pit bulls. A reference to that story has been running for over a month now.

Fox 19, can you find a more appropriate selection of local stories to highlight or are you going for the sleazy viewers on the Internet?

Update Aug. 8: Good news, bad news. The story about the pit bull is gone, but the replacements are no better than the originals:

Do I really want to read about a teenager being raped in June? (Note that this screen snippet is from August.)

Update Aug. 9: It looks like I updated too soon. The woman and her friendly pit bull are back along with a father and daughter in an incestuous relationship:

At least now it's clear that this is provided by a service.

Update Aug. 18: I have won this battle. I installed AdBlock for Chrome, Safari and Opera on my Safari browser and below is the current result. AdBlock has two modes, which are combined by default: You can use a list of advertising web sites that should be blocked or you can train it to block specific ads. I turned off the lists and am just using the training. That way the normal, reasonable ads show up while I can block the ads mentioning sex with pit bulls in Las Vegas. (Whatever happened to "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?")

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