Thursday, August 8, 2013

Remove the links to articles behind a paywall

To the Team Stream app team:

The Cincinnati Reds articles in the Dayton Daily News that Hal McCoy is tweeting about are behind a paywall and need to be removed. I have mentioned this before to no avail. This is the last notice. If this is not fixed by Monday, Aug. 19, I will remove Team Stream from my phone.

Bruce Hobbs
Norwood, Ohio, USA

Sent from my iPhone 4S.

(Edited to show that the source is Hal McCoy's tweets. They need to either tell Hal McCoy to not tweet about articles behind the paywall or remove Hal's tweets altogether. It's Team Stream's app, not mine, and it's not my job to check the content. No, I'm not going to pay for the Dayton Daily News. It's a fine newspaper, but I'm just not going to pay for it.)

Update Aug. 18: It appears that they've listened to us users. The one reference today to the Dayton Daily News has public access. I will be keeping the Team Stream app on my phone. Success!

Update Aug. 20: I celebrated too soon. The tweets from "Hal" (probably done by someone else under his name) are back linking to stories behind the paywall. But instead of removing Team Stream from my phone, I've just unselected the Cincinnati Reds from Team Stream. I will get my Reds information other ways.

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