Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!®" was taped in Cincinnati

My wife and I attended the taping of this week's "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!®" and now we've listened to the broadcast. The whole risque sequence on morning missiles is gone! So is Mo Rocca's claim that Cincinnati's Music Hall is the largest concert hall in North America (false, the DAR Constitution Hall is larger although it doesn't have a resident orchestra). Skyline Chili (two references) also got dropped; I guess if you're not a sponsor, you don't get mentioned. (Keep in mind that Skyline Chili is only one of several chains and restaurants serving Cincinnati-style chili.)

It took almost two hours to tape the show but only about 40 minutes was broadcast, when you take out the unnecessary news from the broadcast and the additional "promotions" (not commercials; public radio doesn't have commercials) beyond the sponsors of the show itself. I'm glad we went to the taping and will do it again when it comes back to Cincinnati; too much gets lost in the broadcast.

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