Saturday, November 2, 2013

Drone strikes in the United States?

This posting is prompted by the news story about the Pakistani Taliban leader killed by a drone strike

I'm waiting for drone strikes to come to the United States. You're sitting in a restaurant and notice three guys walking across the parking lot. Then, out of the blue, there's a flash and a boom and ... they're just gone! (Along with two cars — collateral damage.) You find out later that one was a serial killer and the other two were his brother and a friend. How convenient for the authorities! No trial, no appeals, no death row; just flash, boom and "Can you identify these body parts, ma'am?" You say it can't happen here and mumble something about the Constitution. Are you sure?

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  1. As long as each State has its own sovereign fleet of drones and operates within state lines, I have no quarrel. The Constitutional problem arises as the Feds start crossing state lines without paying, say State Airport subsidies.


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