Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Time Warner Cable DVR fail

I watched "The Making of Sound of Music Live" on NBC tonight. The "live" part is the broadcast is going to be at 8 Eastern/7 Central on Thursday, Dec. 5; the "making of" part was prerecorded. So I'm thinking, "I should set that to record on the Time Warner Cable DVR." Wrong. This DVR will only allow scheduling recordings six days in advance, or Tuesday, Dec. 3 as of today. Time Warner Cable DVR fail!

How many people are going to miss the broadcast of "The Sound of Music Live" because they forget to schedule the DVR recording after the show finally shows up on the schedule?


  1. 'Just read this today, Bruce. You were lucky if you missed it. Carrie Underwood is beautiful and a great singer, but her acting ability--well, I'll be nice and just say "unwatchable."

    1. Agreed. Carrie Underwood was no Julie Andrews. Still, it brought theater to many people who may have never seen live theater before.


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