Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wall Street Journal survey

I just took a survey for the Wall Street Journal. I currently subscribe to the digital edition only. In the survey, they ran various pricing scenarios past me including an option to receive the print edition at no extra charge. That was the only pricing option where I selected the print edition; otherwise, I stuck with the digital-only edition.

They never asked me why I didn't want the print edition. The reason is simple: In the six months that I subscribed to both the digital and print editions, I received the print edition exactly one time. That's it. They didn't miss it 10% of the time and there was no way it was stolen every day; they just never delivered it. I even changed addresses to my home address thinking there was something about my business address they couldn't handle. No paper. Now I was getting the digital edition every day and only paying $2 per month extra for the print edition but I thought that it might be nice to read a real paper once in a while. Not a chance unless I wanted to go the newsstand and pay even more for it.

It makes me wonder how many others don't get their paper and just don't take the time to complain. Maybe they should do an, gasp!, audit on their circulation!

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