Monday, September 8, 2014

Beware of phish messages

This was my response to this image of an email message that a friend of mine shared on Facebook. It was originally posted on May 26 by Country 93.3:

"If you get this, you need a better email provider. Phish messages should go into your spam folder.

"Alternatively, use this as a educational message to learn about phish messages. Phish messages may be one way celebrities' nude photos were stolen from Apple's iCloud.

"Another rule: Don't click on the link in the message. Go to a new window or, better yet, a different browser and sign on the regular way. Then you can see for yourself if the problem really exists.

"Sadly, this may based on a real Netflix message. Many big companies are clueless where security is concerned and actually send phish-like messages to their own customers."

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